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In response to the continued injustice in Atlanta theatres and beyond, there was a series of Virtual Town Hall meetings where Black and Non-Black People of Color shared stories of injustice, microaggressions, insensitivity, and ignorance within our Atlanta Theatre community. The consensus: there is a lack of proficiency when it comes to building and presenting a production that actively includes Black and Non-Black Artists of Color. 


As a result, we have decided to begin our Intensives for Theatrical Mindfulness project by providing a series of Virtual Workshops, including the topics of Lighting, Hair, Make Up, and Dramaturgy. We hope that by providing artists with these tools, we can help establish a more inclusive environment within Atlanta’s diverse arts community. 


Why donate?


In order to ensure these tools are accessible to the masses, access to the seminars will be on a donation basis. While we want to provide affordable workshops to all, we also want to provide proper compensation to our qualified instructors in order to produce the highest quality content. Your donations would go towards making sure our instructors are properly compensated as well as providing materials they may need. Any additional funds will automatically be rolled into our other projects, including providing supplies for polling locations and other protests that may arise. Together, we can continue the fight for equality and justice in our community.

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