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The November 3rd election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump proved this, the eyes of the nation were on Georgia as it  turned blue for the first time in 28 years. Our volunteers serviced over 650 precincts, delivered supplies to voters as well as poll workers, and provided information to keep a live status update running on our website. Our votes were counted and our voices heard - but the fight is not over. 


We have a chance to make a difference again in January, by electing Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff to the Senate, securing a Democratic majority in Congress. Atlanta Theatre Artists for Justice will once again be organizing volunteers to support polling locations throughout the metro Atlanta area. With a shorter window to vote early, we anticipate a longer wait at polling locations and the potential for more need in January — we need your help. Sign up here to volunteer during the runoffs or donate money for supplies and help us prove, once again, that Atlanta Votes Count. 



Drivers will be responsible for being on the ground the day of the Election. Their responsibility that day will be to drive around their assigned region to report on the conditions of each polling site and drop off any needed supplies. Each car will be stocked with a Driver Supply Bag, water, and snacks that can be picked up at a Supply Hub of your choice.

Drivers will report directly to a County Captain to provide information for website updates. They will receive a gas card for committing to the whole day. Will need access to a phone and a vehicle.

Please indicate on the form if you have a County Preference, or if you are ok with working in any of the 7 counties listed. 

donate Here!

Your donations will be used to purchase supplies for drivers on the day of the Runoff Elections, including water, snacks, and first aid. These supplies will be distributed to people waiting to vote, to encourage them to stay in line and help make the day more bearable.

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